Jeroen van Genuchten
Global Product Owner for Robotics & Intelligent Content Services, ING

Jeroen studied Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam. After working at the Department of Defence for the secret intelligence service, he joined ING 25 years ago. Starting at IT, he then worked as Wholesale banking product manager, Domestic Bank project manager and Customer Journey Expert. He started working on RPA back in 2010, using software robots for the migration of more than a million customers and their products for the merger of Postbank and ING Bank. Now he joined the journey ING is taking to become the agile, digital and data-driven bank, using Robotics & AI as essential solutions to enable this mission.

Jeroen lives in Amsterdam with his wife and two sons. He plays tenor saxophone in funk band The Jig, that produced four albums and tours in Brasil, USA and around Europe.


18-19 maja 2022

Organizator konferencji

Evention sp. z o.o
Rondo ONZ 1
Warszawa, Polska


Weronika Warpas
m: +48 570 611 811

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